Exciting, interesting, refreshing and stimulating. These are just a few of the words
Bethlehem College Ashfield girls use when talking about the upcoming changes to
learning in their school.

Bethlehem College Principal, Ann Freeman, said the college – which celebrates its
140-year anniversary of educating young women in 2021 – has appointed Clara Hall
into a newly created role of Leader of Global Capabilities & Entrepreneurship.

“I am very happy to be joining the Bethlehem community and the Ashfield precinct in
this new and exciting role,” said Ms Hall.

Ms Hall brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm for innovation to her new role,
which will include implementing new teaching styles “to build learning communities that
are outward looking.”

“We have already identified a number of initiatives that will commence early next year
that contribute to our goals in terms of growth in learning,” she said.

These include learning opportunities across the curriculum that are grounded in real-
world learning. Students will also be able to pursue passion projects.

“As the requirements of the future change, future jobs also require more problem-
solving and critical thinking skills,” Ms Freeman said.

A passionate educator, who has done much study and research into girls’ education,
Ms Freeman believes that it is critical for students to be fully engaged with, and
stimulated by, their learning.

She said the 2021 World Economic Forum highlighted that with the rapidly changing
skills required for the future, it is important that educators ensure the development of
such skills.

“The nature of the curriculum and its ability to be interdisciplinary is paramount to these
changes,” Ms Freeman said. “It is equally important that students are engaged and
stimulated in their learning.

“We want our girls to want to come to school and for their learning to be an experience
that they not only enjoy, but one that will set them up for the future.”

Ms Freeman said the college will also appoint a new Instructional Specialist in literacy,
to respond to the push from industries for graduates with strong cognitive abilities in
numeracy, literacy, problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity.

In addition to the current Japanese and Italian languages offerings, the college is also
introducing Chinese as a subject.

Plus, students will have the opportunity to participate in personal growth programs,
such as the Tournament of the Minds international education program and public

“This is just a start – there is much more on the horizon for Bethlehem,” Ms Freeman
said. “The winners will certainly be the students, as they embrace a brand new world of