At Bethlehem College we foster confident and independent young women of faith, who are creative and collaborative thinkers, sharing a love of learning and striving for excellence. They are courageous in mind and deed and are global citizens with a genuine concern for others.

Bethlehem College Ashfield students are young women with an outstanding sense of community spirit, service and faithful hearts. They are provided with opportunities for leadership through a strong Student Representative Council and involvement in many extra-curricular groups and activities. The Faith in Action Leadership Group focuses on the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Students have the opportunity to contribute to whole school events including: Open Day tour guides, house-based fundraising activities such as the Caritas Cup, Bethlehem Day and St Vincent de Paul appeals and whole school wellbeing initiatives such as Breakfast Club and the wellbeing wall.

Through these our students become more active decision makers within their classrooms and leaders across the school.

Students in front of the kindness wall