There ‘s nothing like a challenge to get your imagination and creativity flowing.  And for the students at Bethlehem, the challenge was put to them to write a poem.

Now it wasn’t just any ordinary poem that was going to win the prize.  The poem had to be a 16 line poem exploring the 2022 College theme of “Conquer the Wave, Unite in Change” which was developed by the Year 12 students as their theme.

Katie Hellyer, Instructional Specialist at Bethlehem College says “World Poetry Day and Harmony Day are both March 21 and given the excitement around Harmony Day, I saw this as a good opportunity to link the two. The English teacher in me always wants to provide opportunities for students to express themselves creatively and promote written expression.”  Ms Hellyer continues,  “I saw this as an opportunity for girls with a passion for writing to express themselves and to promote confidence in their writing ability.  Poetry was the best form of writing in this instance as it is only 16 lines and wouldn’t be an additional burden for the girls.”

Principal Ann Freeman comments “I was actually overwhelmed by the number of entries and how good they really were. The girls had a lot of fun writing them, but it also gave them an opportunity to reflect on the College theme and what it meant to them.”

First, Second and Third gift vouchers were awarded as prizes to  students in Stages 4, 5 and 6.

One of the winning entries was submitted by Prisha – “I entered because writing poetry is something I love to do, it is something I pride myself on and it’s one way in which I pass time. It was a great experience and I loved this opportunity”. 

Yvonne, Year 7 student also commented “I entered the poetry competition because I am very passionate about poetry. I enjoy reading, writing and learning about it. Writing poems for myself is fun, but I thought entering the competition would be even better! I definitely enjoyed the experience and hope to write for future competitions! I write poetry every now and then; not necessarily a routine, but whenever I feel like writing a poem I’ll grab a pen and my notebook. I can’t wait for future competitions to come! “

One of the winning entries:

‘Conquer the Wave. Unite in Change’.

When fertilising seeds of malevolent emotions,
sprout into an invasive infestation
These prevailing vines will still be in motion,
to push the craft towards it’s destination“What ventures await within the dreamworld?” they asked,
bearing the demands of every tempo and accent
“Grip on the wheel, we will move steadfast.”
united, the valiant tempest will not torment
The sea of fish move like colonies,
pondering their fate with a feared mindset
Remember that even in these contrasting oddities,
they were all released from the same netWhen our ears become jaded and harmony turn into solitudes,
the waves of tranquil bay will roar in glory
Our tale told through sonatas and interludes,
defined by sisters who change history into herstory

Sophia, Year 12