Want to discover more about our college and its legacy?
Check out these testimonials and insights from the proud parents of our college both past and present.

“My daughter has done exceptionally well since starting high school at Bethlehem College Ashfield. I believe the teachers push the girls in an encouraging and supportive way to ensure they get the very best out of them.”

“My daughter has developed a greater understanding of discipline and respect along with a great level of self-respect.”

“I like the way the college is. My daughter is enjoying learning at Bethlehem College.”

“A single-sex school for girls with an even number of male to female teachers. Open spaces in the playground for learning and social interaction. Wide variety of subjects for females. Opportunities at senior school for ATAR and non ATAR students. Enthusiasm of the teachers for their subjects and willingness to teach the students. A welcoming school that ensures students want to go to school.”

“Welcome feeling. Friendly staff and students. Great opportunities and subjects.”

“What I really like is learning to enjoy learning, and the development of independent young women.”

“Good teachers, good principals over the last eight years. Communication from school is of a high standard.”

“I feel the teachers at the school always have the girls’ best interests at heart, and are very committed to their learning.”

“Bethlehem College Ashfield has been wonderful for our Year 7 daughter. She reports feeling safe and supported at school, and often talks about how well-maintained the facilities are. Our daughter always speaks about Bethlehem College with pride. She is enjoying her classes and being involved with an array of extracurricular activities (i.e. band, gymnastics, etc.). As first time parents navigating high school, Bethlehem College has been nothing but friendly and accommodating with our questions. The application process through enrolment, orientation and commencement has been a positive experience for our family.”

“Overall feedback – extremely happy with Bethlehem College Ashfield, can’t think of anything to change at the moment.”

“Single-sex school for girls works well for my family.”

“Teachers are supportive and have been consistent from Year 7 to Year 11. The consistency of staff makes the school stable and shows great teamwork within the management of the school.”

“All the teachers and office staff are very approachable and very caring. Nothing is ever a problem. We are very happy with Bethlehem. Such a great school for my daughter.”

“My daughter is enjoying going to school and the communication regarding homework etc. is great.”

“Like: Catholic values, facilities, communication with parents.”

“My daughter enjoys going to school. She loves the atmosphere and activities that are offered. Any time I go to the school, the staff are very friendly.”

“I’ve really enjoyed being able to trust the school with my daughter. I’ve had no issues and she’s doing really well.”

“Warm and welcoming. Very good Religious Education teachers devoted to the Catholic faith. My daughters like the school very much.”

“All good. I am satisfied with all aspects of my child’s education. Even for us families with lower income the school lent a helping hand with school fees.”

“We have only been part of the community for a short while, however, we have a happy daughter that we are proud of already. She enjoys going to school and talks about the many new friends she has made. She speaks highly of the teachers.”

“Students are welcomed every morning by teachers at the school entrance. I feel very safe for my child to attend school. The lady at the crossing does a fantastic job before and after school. Well done. School uniforms are worn with pride. “

“I like everything at the college, the girls are happy.”

“Diverse learning support has been incredible and supportive of my second child navigating high school in the context of her neurodiversity. Her year mistress has provided regular care and support to assist my child navigating school requirements and classroom needs while managing her neurodiversity. Her classroom teachers have supported her learning and, when an issue was identified, appropriately and promptly changed their approach for a 2e student.”

A caring community fostering the growth and development of young women. Encouraging girls to be active in their community and well-educated. Initiatives in place to assist students improve.

“My daughter started high school this year and has felt very welcomed and supported from day one. It helped that she had a handful of friends from her primary school join her, so that made the transition so much easier. She has since made many new friends from different cultures and is so happy with friendships she has made. Also, she is motivated and driven to push herself further in her academic studies and continues to do so. Finally, the staff and teachers are extremely friendly and easy to approach and I feel relieved that my daughter has settled in quite well without too many issues.”

“I hope you are well. This is just a little email to praise you for being such a wonderful caring and inspirational teacher.”

“My girls are thriving and learning so much in your class, … my daughter cannot speak highly enough of you. I have watched my daughter who would always second guess herself, be so much more confident. Sometimes she will come home and chat about what she had learnt in your class that day. She will start talking about certain topics and can remember everything you have taught.”

“My daughter has always said that she wanted a career in your subject, and because of you, a wonderful teacher who cares, she wants to pursue her dream. Thank you!

“Now my daughter’s journey at Bethlehem begins next year. I am sure she will love it as much as my other daughter has. Feeling so blessed to know that my girls are so nurtured and in good hands. I know when they are happy they thrive.”

“Thank you for your time and providing her with a strong foundation to shine.”